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Our mission (QPT Group) is to make sure, all testing professionals must know 'What they should be' while they perform quality check or execution in any project. The study shows, at-least 50% of the whole project budget should spend on 'Quality Assurance' but in real world, we are not doing that. In the end, we come across the 'defective system' which causes many problems.

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Especially banks, insurance are finance are those sectors which mostly affected by such poor quality products. I hope, many of us are familiar this below screen.

Overall every year, approximately 70% IT projects fail because of poor management, insufficient time allocation, poor quality etc. Anyway, we are here to a become competent testing professional which would stop some % of this project failure. Let's do it. We divided testing into following major categories,

•     Complete Guide of Software Testing
•     Technical software testing
•     Test automation
•     Performance testing
•     Complete STLC
Testing related problems & solutions
•     Testing Interview Questions

Which part don't you understand?

If you're not going to find any bugs why are you doing it?
"A test that reveals a problem is a success. A test that did not reveal a problem was a waste of time."

Economic conformance level (ECL) model

In this model, the economic conformance level (ECL) is obtained where prevention & appraisal costs are equal to external and internal failure costs. Prevention and appraisal costs increase as the level of conformance quality increases. Conformance quality refers to conformance to specifications as opposed to design quality, i.e., service functions or features.

Failure costs are expected to decrease as the level of conformance quality increases. Therefore, the total costs associated with conformance quality will be U-shaped as indicated in the exhibit below. Prevention costs include quality engineering, training and related supervision costs. Appraisal costs include inspection, testing and supervision related to these activities. Internal failure costs include spoilage, scrap, rework and the associated downtime costs, while external failure costs include warranty costs and the costs of lost customers.

Cost of Quality = Cost of Conformance + Cost of Non-Conformance

Testing adds to Cost of Conformance
It must directly reduce Cost of Non-Conformance or else it is waste.

Testing to do anything other than find bugs is a WOMBAT "a Waste of Money Brains and Time"

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