Load Runner Interview Question: Set 1

1. What is load testing?
2. What is Performance testing?
3. What is load runner?
4. When do you do load and performance Testing?
5. Explain the Load testing process?
6. What are all the components of LoadRunner?
7. What is a rendezvous point?
8. How can we perform functional testing under load?
9. What are performance bottlenecks ?
10. What is Correlation?
11. What are the languages supported by VUGen editor ?
12. What is the difference between correlation and parametrisation?
13. How can we edit the V-user Script?
14. What are the advantages of using load runner?
15. What is lr_error_message?
16. What are all the things will be considered while doing performance testing?
17. How you develop the database V-user script?
18. What is HP Quality Center?

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