Load Runner Interview Question: Set 2

1. Explain the difference between automatic correlation and manual correlation?
2. Where do you set automatic correlation options?
3. How do you find out where correlation is required? Give few examples from your projects?
4. What is the difference between Load Testing and Stress Testing?
5. How do you perform functional testing under load?
6. How did you plan the Load? What are the Criteria?
7. What is VuGen?
8. What is transaction?
9. What is a controller?
10. How can we develop the database V-user script?
11. What are the steps for creating a V-user Script?
12. What is Parametrisation?
13. Why do you create Parameters?
14. What are the steps to configure LoadRunner Run-Time Settings and Parameters?
15. What are all the reasons to use the Server Resources Monitor?
16. What are the different V-user Types?
17. How can web server related issues be found?
18. Explain LoadRunner Testing process?

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