Load Runner Interview Question: Set 4

1. Where do you set Iteration for V-user?
2. What are the types of check points is available in LoadRunner
3. What is the relation between Response Time and Throughput?
4. What is a function to capture dynamic values in the web V-user script?
5. Have you attended any LoadRunner training?
6. How to set the number of V-users in LoadRunner?
7. Where do you set Iteration for V-user testing?
8. when a load test fails and web server, database and Network seem to be working fine, where could be the problem?
9. How many VUsers are required for load testing?
10. Explain lr_error_message function?
11. What is Elapsed Time in LoadRunner?
12. What is the need of Checkpoints in LoadRunner?
13. How to schedule a scenario?
14. How do you encode Passwords?
15. What is lr_output_message?
16. What does vuser_end action contain?
17. What is IP Spoofing ?
18. How can we recording VUser Scripts using VUGen?

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