Load Runner Interview Question: Set 5

1. What is the extension of LoadRunner scenario file?
2. What is think time? How do you change the threshold?
3. How did you find web server related issues?
4. How did you find database related issues?
5. If user wants to stop the execution of your script on error, how do you do that?
6. What is Ramp up? How do you set this?
7. What are the changes you can make in run-time settings?
8. How do you debug a LoadRunner script?
9. When do you do load and performance Testing?
10. How do you write user defined functions in LR? Give me few functions you wrote in your previous project?
11. How many types of graphs are in LoadRunner?
12. What is Throughput?
13. What is report viewer?
14. What is the extension of LoadRunner scenario file?
15. Explain all the web recording options?
16. How to write user defined functions in LoadRunner ?
17. What is the relationship between Response Time and Throughput?
18. What is the advantage of running the V-user as thread?

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