Load Runner Interview Question: Set 6

1. How do you encode Passwords?
2. What is lr_output_message?
3. Explain lr_output_message function?
4. What are virtual users?
5. What does vuser_init action contain?
6. What are the protocols supported by LoadRunner?
7. What is the LoadRunner start-transaction and its syntax?
8. What are all the types of Goals in Goal-Oriented Scenario of Load Runner?
9. What are the advantages of load runner?
10. Explain LoadRunner architecture?
11. Where are automatic correlation options set?
12. Explain LoadRunner Testing process
13. What are tools of performance testing?
14. What is a Load Generator?
15. What is Documentation Library?
16. How do you load a load runner Agent?
17. What is ramp up and ramp down?
18. What is Application Life cycle Management Connection?

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