Complete Guide Of Automation Testing: Chapter 2

What is Ranorex?

Ranorex: is a Windows GUI test and automation framework for C++, Python and .NET languages. Ranorex doesn’t have a scripting language of its own like other test tools. The user (e.g. the software tester) can use the functionalities of powerful programming languages like Python or C# as a base and expand on it with the GUI automation functionality of Ranorex.

Use our software automation tool to control your Windows GUI Applications. Ranorex is applicable for effective software testing and guarantees the quality of your software. Make small automated scripts for repeated actions. Embed our automation library in your software project to be able to run automated GUI operations. Ranorex can access all elements in a Windows application or web page.

What are the benefits of Ranorex?

Benefits of automation testing tool'Ranorex' are
    • Excellent Object Recognition
    • Object-based Capture/Replay Editor
    • RanoreXPath based automation
    • Professional Library for C#, VB.NET and Python

What framework Ranorex uses?

Framework it supports hybrid automation testing framework.
    • Data Driven Testing: Data driven test automation with Excel
    • Keyword Driven Testing: It is difficult as compare to QTP. It is easy to create the table but not easy to create the repository file.

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