Chapter 2: Review formality spectrum, Activity Diagram & Success Factors

Review formality spectrum (RFS)

QualityProTech (QPT) has defined the spectrum of review processes which varies from least formal to most formal review technique. It can vary from organisation to organisation.

Review Activity Diagram

RAD (review activity diagram) is the matrix of review activities against review types. It explains which activity is required or not. e.g.

For most formal review (inspection), you need to have all review activities on place.
And for least formal review, you only need to set up meetings to find defects and team to resolve those defects.

Success factors for reviews

    Professional staff is involved to do review
    Formal review process has a clear pre-defined objective
    Finding defects is the priority
    Certain roles are assigned to staff to perform action
    Formal training is given to involved participants
    Entry and exit criteria are checked on time
    Process improvement is the main purpose

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