Chapter 3: Mapping of testing levels with testing techniques & QC

How to do mapping of testing levels with testing techniques?

It is very important to know the relationship between testing levels and testing techniques. It helps a lot to understand what the testing types could be performed in different phases of software testing.

For instance, what are the different test types could be performed in black-box testing technique?

Mapping of testing levels with testing techniques,

As you can see in the table, Incremental testing technique is performed while doing,

•     Integration testing
•     System testing

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance is systematic and planned set of activities necessary to provide adequate confidence that system will confirm to specified business/systems requirements and meet end-user needs.

It consists of processes and standard which ensure that quality product is delivered and meets business requirements.

•     It starts as soon as software development life cycle kicks off.
•     Quality assurance is the process validation phase of the software development life cycle.
•     Basically it helps to identify & improve the weakness.
•     It is the most important part cause it helps to establish processes and standards.

In software development life cycle, following are the areas where quality assurance can be performed,

•     Requirements analysis and gathering
•     System design & architecture
•     System coding
•     System implementation
•     System testing
•     System deployment in production
•     Production support
•     Change management
•     Configuration management
•     release management

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